VACUUM - casting- and stirring equipment


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222-B050 0SM
Silicon mixer:
Simple stir from greater amounts silicone through two counterrotating mixers.
Connection to every drilling machine with screwing chuck with enclosed special mother.. (without drilling machine)
222-0135 0KS
Plastic - cutter:
length 135 mm
222-0160 0KS
Plastic - cutter:
length 160 mm
222-0180 0KS
Plastic - cutter:
length 180 mm
222-G160 0KS Plastic - cutter:
length 160 mm, 45°
Scalpels and blades:
5 different scalpels and many different blades stand for the selection.

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222-00BF 0DZ
Expanding tool:
To open the mould. Type BF
222-00ST 0DZ
Expanding tool:
To open the mould. Type Standard
222-2023 LFT
Lift with hand wheel:
200 x 230 mm
222-0020 STR
Twinge tubes to prick from ventilation into silicone:
Outside diameter 2,00 mm
222-0025 STR
Outside diameter 2,50 mm
222-0030 STR
Outside diameter 3,00 mm
222-0035 STR
Outside diameter 3,50 mm
333-2405 WAX
Release spray wax
333-2406 SIL
Release spray silicon